Utrecht Saleyards -27.670574025710263, 30.30845599072588

George Shawe Beef 21st Annual Production Sale

George Shawe -28.015533,30.453707

Download Brochure: George Shawe Beef Annual Production Sale 8 July 2021 Download: 2021 George Shawe Beef BULLS Catalogue Download: 2021 George Shawe Beef Females Catalogue Click to Register to bid online with […]

Lions River

Lions River Saleyards -29.46085562406249, 30.144563863316744


Elandslaagte Saleyards -28.408090030522498, 29.955370033861623

Mooi River

Mooi River Saleyards -29.19848887309986, 29.995755567488473

Gunther Muhl Dispersal Livestock & Equipment

Goedgeloof Farm -27.80813195500281, 30.511728040388547

DOWNLOAD SALE LISTING: Complete Dispersal GAW Muhl 21 July 2021 Loose assets list DOWNLOAD VIDEO https://youtu.be/G35wHA_uetc

Up George Bonsmaras Production Sale

Up George Farm -28.21890031855411, 29.89647802542551

Up George Bonsmaras 23rd Production Sale. 70 Bulls, 60 Pregnant Females.  Free Transport in RSA. Viewing day 1 July 2021 Live at Up George Farm, Online with Swiftvee. Click here to […]

Lions River

Lions River Saleyards -29.46085562406249, 30.144563863316744

1pm: Nguni Herd dispersal: 90 Ngunis - Closed, Bio Secure herd. Cows & calves, Cows in calf, Heifers in calf, open heifers.


Ingogo -27.5777722,29.91445


Vryheid Saleyards -27.785762265347238, 30.815277108027246

Due to FMD, the Vryheid sale is cancelled.


Geluksburg Saleyards -28.51845001035222, 29.35897999676687


Bergville Saleyards -28.725549996013143, 29.345950003695336